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March 15, 2018

Every job is treated like it is our own personal residence. Tarps are laid down and the entire perimeter is covered in plywood and every window is protected. We have our own trucks and dump trailers so all waste is carted off the premises as quickly as possible. Our job at the end of everyday is to leave your home as clean as it was before we showed up and started our work. We do our own work and do not subcontract our jobs out, we take a lot of pride in our finished product and make sure we are very respectful to you and your family the whole way through any job. 


All siding and accessories are removed and disposed of. At the customers discretion Zip panels, OSB, Foam Board, or fanfold is attached to the entire perimeter of the residence. The entire house is then covered in house wrap and all seams are taped and windows and doors are wrapped with window tape. Most of the time windows and doors are wrapped in coil stock or trim after that corner posts are added and then siding fills in the rest. Sometimes a customer may request for soffit's and fascia to be replace at the same time. If customer wishes to replace old fascia with new fascia it will have to be done if and when the roof system is replaced.

Fiber Cement Lap and Panel Siding

Man made from a special combination of wood fibers, sand, and cement. Created to mimic other materials, usually natural wood. Comes pre-coated or pre-painted and some requires a finish cost. Fiber cement is fireproof ( class 1A), water resistant, and holds up to birds and insects.

Vinyl Lap Siding

Synthetic home exterior material that has become popular due to its low maintenance, versatility, durability, and low cost. Available in Many different styles and trims.

Engineered Wood Lap and Panel Siding

Looks alomst exacty like the real thing, yet its made from composite materials. Actually contains real wood and is extremely durable. Holds up to extreme temperatures, moisture, fire, and insects. Requires little maintenance and suffers very little from wear and tear.

Wood Siding

Board and Batten, Horizontal Board, Vertical Board. Made from natural woods. Very high maintenance and prone to damage from birds and insects.

Bathroom Remodels

Every bathroom remodel is treated like it is our own, we make sure that when we walk away you love! Taking a bathroom down to its studs truly can be a very big undertaking as it can leave your home with no bathroom to use. We will work with you to find the best time to make your bathroom the bathroom of your dreams!

From demo to finish carpentry we want to make sure you get the pieces that you want to see inside of your new bathroom from

The bathroom is an area of the house that we expect to see water damage, may it be around the toilet from an existing bad wax ring or around the bathtub/shower area. We take this into consideration on our inspection of the bathroom before doing the quote as simple signs of a sagging floor around the toilet or damaged drywall around the shower is something we pay close attention to to get you a quote that we can factor in possibilities into our quotes if it gets tore out and there does end up being damage. This is an area of the house that we take the extra steps to make sure you as a homeowner understand the importance of small things like caulking around your tub and showing you simple areas to pay attention to.  

Kitchen Remodels

We know as well as you do that a kitchen can really bring a home together. From the vast variety of different cabinets to countertops you can choose from your dreams can truly come true! 

We can do a full demo of your kitchen or simply get your cabinets and countertops changed out to give it that much needed face lift. 

Kitchens are one area of the house that truly sells a home. We strive to get your kitchen back to working order as fast as possible from the time the hammer first hits to the time we wipe the floors up as we walk out of your home. We treat everything in your home like it is our own and make sure we take the extra steps to keep the rest of your home as clean as possible while we work in a vital area. We take everything into account and explain things like the level of your existing walls/ceiling and what the homeowner should expect to see as we are doing a quote to make sure we have everything properly in the contract. We want to make sure that the kitchen turns out to what you want even down to the pulls on your cabinets. 


A lot of our homes around the northern Illinois area are filled with plaster or wood, as it becomes older it starts to crack and become nasty. A really nice touch to any house can be a smaller 1 room remodel to bring the room some new life! 

The process can be different in many homes. Where we see plaster cracks most often is in ceilings. A lot of people decide to just tear out the ceilings, level them and drywall them to bring a much fresher look to their home. As we open up walls or ceilings we bring the electrical up to code where we can, fix any bad framing that we can find, insulate around windows if they are not already done and get the fixtures you want inside of the room of choice. 

May it be a full gut or just repairing a wall from previous damage we can make it happen. We do a hard inspection of a room before typing up a quote to give you the homeowner all of the information that we have about the room with what we can see, some problems behind old plaster is very obvious or it may be very well hidden, things that are found will be communicated with a homeowner and not just hidden to keep things moving along. It is your home and we want you to know what is behind those walls. 

Windows and Doors 

Windows and doors can be a real pain as they start to age, as they begin to show their age they may be swollen from water or simply just not functional anymore.

With windows and doors your options are huge, from different manufactures to different styles we will work with you to bring you the windows or doors that you dream of having in your home.  From ripping the window or door out to changing framing to make a window or door bigger we can do it all and finish the interior work along side it! 

We make sure that our windows and doors are properly flashed and taped to prevent you from getting leaks or drafts around your brand new windows. We will communicate with you for the brand and style before anything is ordered to prevent any miscommunication during the process. Windows and doors can be a messy job as we are opening up your home to the outside but we will never take on something if we think we cannot get your home water tight before a storm comes.

Make the best decision for your home.